There’s definitely an art to packing. You don’t want to underpack and desperately need something that you left at home, but you also don’t want to overpack and be stuck lugging around a bunch of extra crap that you have to keep track of, especially on multiple destination trips.

I like to think that I’ve become pretty good at packing by this point. I’ve come to the place where I can anticipate my needs pretty well and pack accordingly. But this time I’ve got a tricky one. I’m leaving today for three weeks during which time I’ll be going to Vancouver, Anchorage, Seattle, and the Bay Area. So somehow I’m going to have to pack for overcast British Columbia, hiking in Alaska, and the beaches of Northern California all in a carry-on suitcase!

Here are some of my super helpful unsolicited packing tips if you’re interested!

  1. Pack to the bag

First decide what size bag is most appropriate for your trip and then try to fill it up. This will give you a limit to help keep you from overpacking. And when in doubt, go smaller.

2. Layers!

Layers are key to multi-weather trips since you can always layer up when it’s chillier and base when it’s warm.

3. Roll it up!

Roll your clothes up to save space! It will make them more wrinkled of course, so make use of your hotel’s iron or just hang your clothes up in the bathroom when you take a shower so the steam can refresh it.

4. Wear your bulky items on the plane

Don’t forget that you can wear items! In this case, I’ve only packed shorts but I’ll wear a pair of jeans and hoodie on the plane rides so that I don’t have to pack them. If you’re particularly desperate you can wear a big coat and stuff the pockets with anything you need. It’s not the most comfortable though.


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