California Dreaming

After leaving Alaska, I flew back to Seattle where my saint of a friend picked me up at 2am and then after a day took me back at 5am to catch a flight down to San Jose. I met my family there right at the gate (I asked them when’s the last time they’ve been met at a gate!) and then we got a rental car and started the drive to Santa Cruz.

On our way we stopped at this great little Cuban restaurant called Habana Cuba. It was awesome! My grandpa is from Cuba so we love Cuban food. This place was very authentic and very delicious and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it for anyone who is in San Jose or needs a meal near the airport.

We got to Santa Cruz where my grandparents had rented an AirBnB for all of us right on the coast. It was a great location! As soon as we drove up, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming right there! My sister Lauren and I went for a long walk along the coast towards Steamer Lane.


Most of the weekend revolved around my cousin’s wedding, of course, which was beautiful and a lot of fun!

On Sunday, my parents and sister left and I remained with my grandparents. After they left, my grandparents, my great aunt and uncle, and I went down to the Santa Cruz pier for some lunch and then we headed on to the 17 mile drive. My great uncle is a huge golfing fan so he really enjoyed seeing Pebble Beach and whatnot (I don’t know anything about golf, sorry!). It’s a really beautiful area! We saw one area that was just completely filled with otters!! I loved it since I love otters 🙂


The next day, my grandparents and I returned to Monterrey to go to the world famous aquarium since they are members. It was a great experience! There are so many neat creatures there (including more sea otters!). We also got to see a Giant Pacific Octopus that had recently laid eggs and we talked to a staff member about it for a long time. Very fascinating creatures.

On Tuesday, my grandparents, along with my cousins and my aunt, and I went to Roaring Camp up in the Redwoods. We then took the train through the redwoods and down the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It was a really great trip and the conductor was informative and fun. After lunch on the boardwalk, we took the train back up. Then my grandparents took me back to the airport, bringing to a close my three weeks of travel!



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