Busan – Part Two

The next morning in Busan, my sleep schedule was still WAY off, so I woke up around 6am. I was supposed to meet Sunny at 10, so I had quite a bit of time to kill. First things first, I was in need of coffee. I’ve often thought before a trip that I should ween myself off of caffeine so that I wouldn’t have to worry about headaches or worse from not being able to get my fix, but to be honest, my desperation for coffee often is a good motivator for exploring. An impending headache is a good incentive for getting out of the hotel in the morning and wandering around looking for a cafe has definitely led to some interesting places in my life.

This time it took me to the main street area of Haeundae where I found a coffee shop just across the street from the beach. So I grabbed a latte and a bagel and had a nice breakfast on the beach.

The giant rooster is because 2017 is the year of the rooster.

I then went for a nice walk up and down the beach. It really is quite a nice beach, especially on a morning in January when hardly anyone else was there. I then settled down on a nice bench with one of the books I was reading. When it was time to meet Sunny, I stopped by a convenience store for a can of milk tea and green tea kitkats, and then we headed to Oryukdo.

Oryukdo means “Five or six islands” because during the high tide it looks like six islands, but in low tide, two of the islands are actually connected. The area has amazingly beautiful coastlines and a cool sky deck to look out on. There are also walking paths in the area.

After that we headed back to downtown. We decided to head back to Booksellers Alley. Today the shops were open and it was so cool! Even though most of the books were in Korean, there were lots of English books hidden throughout. It was really neat to be able to sift through so many used books. It easily enters my top book destinations along with Powell’s Books in Portland and NovelTea in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I picked up a couple of English books. Then we had lunch of glass noodles and gimbap on the street. It was also delicious!

Next we went down to the lighthouse which is also on a beautiful coastline. There was an observation area overlooking the sea and then a short walk to get down to the lighthouse area and then some rocks you could climb around on. Very, very beautiful!

Then we returned to the observatory and watched the sunset there which was gorgeous.new year_24.jpg

We went and found dinner after that. I had some spicy tofu stew which was delicious. I can’t overemphasize how tasty I think Korean food is. Finally we got the bus back once again.

The next morning I left the AirBnB about 5am to get the train over to Gimhae airport. There was a huge line for the security and I was scared that I might run out of time, but I did make it onto my flight and set off once again.


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